HAppY NEw YeAR!!!!!

It's now 2010! The Years gone by fast, but until now I couldn't think of to many aspirations. (mostly because I hadn't tried.) But, a lot comes to a girl when it's 2 a.m. in the morning :) So, here are my thoughts on what I want to do for 2010.
~ Start a blog, even though I already journal. I was just kinda scared that somewhat might actually read this, ha.
~ Attempt to have a more positive outlook on my life, I need it.
~ GET HEALTHY! This is a must, and it will happen.
~ Find my faith, I don't know where it goes sometimes.
~ Love.
~ Remind myself daily, I serve a God who cares about me. Me- a filthy,rotten rag-is loved.

There's so many more, but those are just some. I want to say something smart, something life changing for someone, but I don't have it. Jesus does though. So turn to Him, He's always got at least something new you can learn. Well, thats it. It's now 2:17 a.m.. First blog is now put behind me.
~ A believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.