Something New Started

I just started something new...
Writing to my future husband :)
In a few years,
I hope he will treasure it.

It's new for me, but I was reading "Wait For Me" by Rebbecca St.James. (if you haven't read it, I highly suggest it.) She told about how she has been doing so. It inspired me, and I thought of how just great it would be if I started doing that when I am 15. So, I did it. I went and bought a notebook the stamps "PURE" across the front. On every page there is some quote or verse about being pure. I can't wait to give it to Mr. Right.

I highly encourage you to do it too, see what will come out of it. It's a journey, and I'm kind of excited.
P.s. My next post will have to do with the little poll that has been on the side of my wall...just a heads up.
~Believer in PRTC

He Saved Me

A poem I wrote for school, a while ago.

The small child,
Just a mere boy.
Looked at his mother and smiled.
He asked, "What can I do to bring you joy?"

Why, the Mother replied,
"You stupid kid! Get out of my sight!"
The boy ran to his room and cried.
For his room was just a closet, with a small light.

The boys tears fell down his face,
As he heard a man come into his room
He only wanted to be embraced,
But the man let the painful things resume.

The man yanked the boy out by the hand.
He dragged him to his mother, and shouted,
"Has he done as I command?"
"No! He never does!" The women shouted.

The man didn't stop there,
He threw the small child against the wall,
The small child called out a prayer,
"Jesus!" He cried as he tried to get away and crawl.

The man came after the child,
but a bright light shone through.
The man was blinded, and he went wild.
The boy was saved, by the Shield, he whispered "Thank you."

So what can he say?
His life was almost gone, as far as he could see.
As the Lord showed today,
"I was facing death and He saved me"

The most shoplifted book

The Bible is the most shoplifted book.
I think not.

Katie gets to stay overnight in Paris, which is something she wanted to do really badly. Now she gets to, yay for her :) 81 days...

82 days...

I cried today.
I said goodbye.
I miss my best friend.
A. lot.
Actually, more then a lot.
A bazillion gazillion million a lot.
Even more then that.
82 days.
I can do this.
I think.

American Idol

Lee vs. Crystal.......

there duet was outstanding!

But, I hope Lee wins. :)

Dear David

Dear David,
Did you know that through all the people I've seen come and go, you were the one who encouraged me the most? You were the one who was there every week, laughing- weather rain or shine, wether you were sad or happy. You was there almost every week. You loved us for who we were.
He was someone who knew God's word inside and out, from cover to cover, and you could barely ever talk to him without sharing quotes or talking about books or just saying things about his experiences and what he has learned. God's love shone through him. He showed me a lot of things, he challenged me, and answered my questions. So thank you David. You've made such an impact.
I'm going to miss you when you leave.
~Believer in PRTC

Something More

I was in my analytical brain during Science class searching for something to think about, and I came up with teens and our "stubbornness"; which then led to thinking about the book "Do Hard Things". I've read this book.(more then once...OK, twice.)But why? Why hasn't anything been done? Is there something that were missing? We read this amazing book that inspires us to "get out there and change the whole world" but then a few months later, the inspiration wears off. Maybe it's just that I haven't heard about anything that teens are doing to prove the expectations that teens don't care, wrong. Why are we not doing anything? Why haven't we done anything?
Why am I not doing something?
In the words of Switchfoot...

"There's gotta be something more
Than what I'm living for
I'm crying out to You
There's gotta be something more
Than what I'm living for
I'm crying out to You"

Do something to change the world :)
Believer in PRTC


Every time the wind stirs I look out the window, (which I have been doing for the last two days here) I try to find any hint of rain. Rain is my therapy. It's the way I learn to let go of things, to remind myself of how to forgive, and that I, myself, am forgiven. I can spin and twirl in the rain like I'm 5, I can sing at the top of my lungs, like no one is listening, and laugh hysterically.I could splash in every puddle alive, and make the water fly everywhere. I can feel like I could conquer the world in maybe a day or two. I could fly. I could love again without hurt or boundaries. I could find what I've been missing. I could have my old life back. I could forget. But, the best thing is...

"Stillness in the air
clouds hovering nearby

tears fall silently
blending into warm streams
upon my cheeks

following paths
like my thoughts
over time

each droplet
holds a dream
and a hope."

I can cry, and no one notices.
~Believer in PRTC


So sorry for the span of a bit of time while this blog was currently not having wonderful new post and crazy new ideas being popped out in the delicate form of an amazing way to interact with the web in this thing called posting.
So yes, it has been a while. How have you guys all been? Life has been pretty hectic on my side.
I am very disappointed in some of my friends right now. It isn't like they're my closest friends, they're just some girls and guys from school that haven't made some right choices. Everyone makes mistakes, and when this is all over I know they're going to regret this. Disappointment isn't easy on top of everything else that's going on in life. I find as long as I am not "in" on this gossip, stand up for what I believe is right and wrong, and do my best to not judge, then hopefully, I am doing whats is right.
“Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it” William Penn (I'm actually related to this guy.)
I'm the weird one in the crowd right now, but whats that matter? I always have been, nothings about to change. That's how I like it.
I will do what I believe is right,
~Believer in PRTC