He Saved Me

A poem I wrote for school, a while ago.

The small child,
Just a mere boy.
Looked at his mother and smiled.
He asked, "What can I do to bring you joy?"

Why, the Mother replied,
"You stupid kid! Get out of my sight!"
The boy ran to his room and cried.
For his room was just a closet, with a small light.

The boys tears fell down his face,
As he heard a man come into his room
He only wanted to be embraced,
But the man let the painful things resume.

The man yanked the boy out by the hand.
He dragged him to his mother, and shouted,
"Has he done as I command?"
"No! He never does!" The women shouted.

The man didn't stop there,
He threw the small child against the wall,
The small child called out a prayer,
"Jesus!" He cried as he tried to get away and crawl.

The man came after the child,
but a bright light shone through.
The man was blinded, and he went wild.
The boy was saved, by the Shield, he whispered "Thank you."

So what can he say?
His life was almost gone, as far as he could see.
As the Lord showed today,
"I was facing death and He saved me"

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