So I was listening to a cd I got the other day, and just thinking about how awesome my day was on Wednesday, and all the sudden,this song caught my attention...
You Can Have Me- Sidewalk Prophets
If I saw You on the street
And You said come and follow me
But I had to give up everything
All I once held dear and all of my dreams
Would I love You enough to let go
Or would my love run dry
When You asked for my life
When did love become unmoving?
When did love become unconsuming?
Forgetting what the world has told me
Father of love, You can have me
You can have me
If You’re all You claim to be
Then I’m not losing anything
So I will crawl upon my knees
Just to know the joy of suffering
I will love You enough to let go
Lord, I give you my life
I give you my life
When did love become unmoving?
When did love become unconsuming?
Forgetting what the world has told me
Father of love, You can have me
You can have me
I want to be where You are
I’m running into Your arms
And I will never look back
So Jesus, here is my heart
When did love become unmoving?
When did love become unconsuming?
Forgetting what the world has told me
Father of love, You can have me
You can have me
When did love become unmoving?
When did love become unconsuming?
Forgetting what the world has told me
Father of love, You can have me
My Father, my love
You can have me

One line imparticular stood out to me. "If You’re all You claim to be. Then I’m not losing anything. So I will crawl upon my knees. Just to know the joy of suffering." Hard line, very hard line. I've got to believe this. I need to lose sooo much more of me to find more Jesus. More of Jesus, less of me. I can do this. Please, please, keep me acountable.
Well, thats all I got for today, Im off to lifegroup!
~Believer in Pruple Rain and Talking Cows


Did I mention I have a brother? His name is Zach. His sixteen; has blue eyes and when he has hair, it's a medium shade of brown, and it's super curly. Both my brother and I got the recessive gene there; curly hair, blue eyes, and left handed. But anyways, I don't think I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have him as my brother? We're 15 months apart, and the only two children in our family. But, I'm simply amazed God gave him to me. Don't get me wrong, we're normal siblings, and we argue sometimes, but still, not a lot. My brother is a musical genius. He plays violin, guitar, and saxophone. He is extremely good at all of them! He's also a Christan. And recently his best friend/girlfriend, was diagnosed with cancer. Karly is her name. She has a rare genetic disorder called doc8. She been in Maryland least a month, maybe longer, I can't remember. Anyways, she is pretty sick. If you want to read about it more check out there blog, that they write about them all.
a href="">
So, can you guess that his faith was tested? Even though, I know he had some hard times, he isn't mad at God. He loves God with his heart. I simply find it amazing. That's what I was thinking about as I saw his just simply worshiping God. His God, is my God. So, my belief is that I can do that too, more of I need to do that too. You've probley read my last blog entry. I was kinda mad/sad during that. But who am I to speak? my brothers girlfriend is sick! Those are just two of my best friends, and I'm starting to find the good coming out of that. I'm learning, lots. So God's got a plan for this. I think I'm beginning to see that, it just took a while. Now don't get me wrong, I still have a hard time with some stuff, but God's got it. Until now, I don't think I would have ever had the faith to say that, but I'm learning. So thank you Zach, I love you.
Here is a pic of my brother (he has the K) and some of the guys in our lifegroup. Can I even say how proud I am?

Shout out to my BFF Katie, I LOVE you girl, thanks for always being there, I owe you lots, and I'm so glad we're so much closer! Thanks to God that we are so much closer.
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

Christan School Kids.

My goodness, Christan school kids can be brutal, very brutal. It's sad to be able to say that. But hey, I am a Christan school kid so I do believe I have a right to it. I'm not saying everyone is, just some are. I'm not gonna lie, it ticks me off. Aren't we supposed to be showing the love of Christ?? We sure aren't going to do that by acting like we are now. I know everyone can just joke around sometimes, but has anyone ever realized that sometimes it goes way. to. far. I know it could be worse in a public school, but honestly. I really do think that sometimes it's just as bad in a Christian school as it is in a public school. We seem to not like to be able to accept people. we have to form them into how we want them to be, or they are just an outcast. So in conclusion, if you have a fear or rejection-don't come to my school. But on the upside, I love alot of the teachers in my school, they're super nice! Shout out to Mr.Frick here, you're my favorite :D And you have some people who are really serious about following God, and doing all that they can to help other people get close to Him. Then their are the hypocrites, who one second they're so nice and accepting-they say the love God. But sometimes that just gets turned around, depending on the circumstances. But as I said, keep you're friends who are Christan's really close to you, because they're the ones who will always be leading you closer to God.
I want some gummy bears...
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

More Randomness...

I just read my friends Katie's blog, she had a really good post tonight, not sure if I can top it or not ;) So for starters, Katie gave me a cow lost night, I LOVED it. I named it cat, because they had a cat that was named cow, that they had named for me. If you don't get that, just keep reading it over and over again, you'll get it eventually.
ok, I can't wait anymore to tell you this, I GET TO SPEND THE NIGHT AT TAYLOR U! I am totally FREAKING OUT! I can not, can not, can not wait!!!!! I want to be there right now, soooooo badly! so thank you to my awesomeness youth leaders who are letting us spend the night there, but be prepared...we get a lil hyper ;)
Last nights sermon at 180 was super duper good. Had a pretty fun night. I had some Starbucks, which might have been a little scary. Just maybe, maybe.
Might I say, I LOVE American Idol. I know, I'm crazy. but who knows, I night be there someday, maybe. I don't know...
Did I mention I really find that being left handed, is special. For some reason, the fact that I'm left handed is a really big deal to me. Don't know why, but I really like being left handed.
That's bout it for tonight, for now, my thoughts are with Hatti, for the most part.
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

American Idol

Well, kind of expressionless today, as seems to be normal lately. I am soooo ready for idol tonight!!!! I can NOT wait a whole 1 minutes until it's on, I can do this! but thank you Ellen and Simon for crashing my dreams. Ellen-serious? a new judge? Um, sorry no go for me. Simon- you're leaving next year?? Hmph. I see how it is. Well, I'm waiting for my Dad to get home with some ice cream, that I can eat :D
Oh btw- I've lost 8 1/2 pounds!!!!!!!!!! yipee!!
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.
(did I mention I LOVE American Idol?? 1 Minute!!!)

Starbucks. Need I say more?

I had STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!! :D It's a Cinnamon Dulce latte, and it's really really really realy really really yummie. Hyper is one of the best feelings in the whole world!!!Wonder if I try to talk to a cow if I can imagine it talking back. HA! I wish I had a cow...but I have a hippo that I got for Christmas!!! (no joke)
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

I can think of a good title...

I was at church for 12 hours straight today. Normally I would love it, but it just made me anxious today. All day. Then I found out one of my youth pastors wont be there on Wednesday, and that was a bummer. But at least one of the other ones will :) But I didn't feel refreshed today, at all. I felt like this stupid thing will never end. Everywhere I go, it follows me. It's always in my thoughts, and I can't stop thinking about it. But I just want it to stop, the end, bye bye, just leave it alone. Ya know what I mean? Ugh. At least Katie and Anna got to come over, and that was LOTS of fun! Haha, we have lots of jokes from that :) At least God's here. I just wish.... ah never mind. That's it for tonight. we had 196 students there, that were just in Jr high :D so, great night all in all.
That's bout it,
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

Jesus loves me.

It's me again, like normal :) I found inspiration today, so that's good. Last night, I was talking to a friend I hadn't talked to in a while. I found it amazing that God was telling him things to tell me. It's so awesome how God works. This is something he said when I was talking to him last night-
Ask God for a gift of faith.
In Jesus' name.
Then believe that you have received it.
Believe that God keeps His word and that He is true when He says that He will give you what you ask for.
Then have faith. Have faith that you have faith.
And when you are tested, have faith that you have faith that you have faith!
In other words, just have faith."
Ha, well hello "Trying to Find Faith in Purple Rain and Talking Cows." That was my blogs name, and as I explained earlier, I need to find more faith. but that wasn't the only thing that hit home, there was lots more. Amazing how God can put someone to be there for us in our weakest moments. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.
That's it for today!
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

No inspiration.

I have no inspiration tonight. I find my thoughts all pointing to approx 3 or 4 things,that for the most part, I don't want to think about. Which prob means a song will be written soon. Well, here is my short blog for tonight. I'll write more tomorrow.
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

I''m at school :P

SO, I’m actually in school right now believe it or not. But, I was bored and had a few minutes in my 4th hour geog class, so I thought that I would write. I went to bed realllly late last night, it was around 12:15 or so, before I actually fell asleep. Not cool. But tbell was lots of fun J I’m sitting here watching all the snow and thinking about how much I really really really want to go play in it. Where Katie when I need her? Ha. I want to gummy bears right now, mostly because I’m in school, in a skirt, watching abeautiful white fluff, people call snow, came gracefully falling from the sky. Beautiful isn’t it? I wish I had some sort of hill in my back yard where I could go sled down it for hours, which reminds me- I’m really hoping that we will have a snow day tomorrow! I need a day off to practice everything, and get my brain straight. (and eat some gummy bears, or skittles, I like those too) I really just want to open this window right in front of me to feel the snow; and just I don’t know, maybe run down a floor, and go dance in the snow or something. It sounds like lots of fun, but I know I won’t be able to do that. I might blog again tonight, because I like blogging, and writing. Oh! Which reminds me, check out this song I wrote a few weeks ago…

Romeo meet Juliet.
She doesn’t have a lot to say,
But ever since you looked her way,
Her smile says 1,000 words.
Her blue eyes shine brighter then
The ocean on a cloudless day.
She found a way into your heart,
And now you know,
Shes gonna stay.

I really hope you like it, I don’t normally tell amyone about my songs. So, if you hate it, just don’t say anything. But I like it J
Bells about ready to ring,
~Believer in Purple Rain (or snow) and Talking Cows.

My short blog for tonight

Sorry, gonna be a short blog tonight. I've got to go to bed really soon. Well, thank you Jesus we had converge tonight :D I love it there.
for tonight,
Kill the Selfish, the change is immediate.
that was the thought for tonight. That's pretty much it. I'll update ore tomorrow.
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows

I'm DONE! (for now)

My Science Fair rough draft is done! Thank you Jesus!!!! My whole 19 pages of it. I'm so happy it's my last year. My project was testing to see if you could find traces of cocaine on money, and I did. 60% of the ten bills I tested came back positive for marijuana, and cocaine. Which was totally awesome!! But, I'm not a science person of any sort. But as of now, I do have a b+ going in that class, so yay for me :) I got to eat my gummy bears last night, I LOVED them. (Thanks Corey!) but, no worries1 I didn't eat the whole bag! ha. Well, I've finally got church tomorrow. I really really really need it. I dislike no having church immensely, but yay for having it :D I'll write more later but for now, have a goodnight!
~Believer in Purple Rain, and Talking Cows

Baldys back home :)

My brother is back home! yay :) not gonna lie, I missed him. He's now bald, along with some other guys, and he looks like he could be alot older then he is. He's the one thats wearing the CHI shirt in the pic :)

I forgot how much I disliked school. When you get two weeks off I guess your opinion can change a bit, but now I just find it...hmmm boring isn't really the right word. I guess I feel like I wish it would just go faster, but there's me for you. I like to get stuff done fast, unless it's fun.

I watched a Hillsong t.v. show thingy tonight. It was really really good. It reminds me just how much I want to be there. I want to be there, whether in the crowd, or up on stage showing people how amazing our God we serve can be when you let him. I'm in awe of there way of leading others into an unique, intimate worship time with God...I want to be there, doing that.

On the not all serious moment IVE LOST 5 1/2 POUNDS!!!!!! :) Oh yeah.... booyah.

I found some gummy bears, and I'm so proud of myself, I think I will eat some tonight.

~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

"My" Cow is gone :(

Hi! I just got back from working out and taking a shower. So score for trying to get healthy. Surprisingly enough, my legs don't feel like jello. (I thought an elliptical would do that to you, but guess not.)So, yay for me. :) But anyways, back to the title. My cow is gone, sadly. My BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf Katie has a kitty she named for me. His name is cow. But he went to his new home today, so I wish him the happiest of his days :) Another cat story, my cat was attacking our couch last night, around 2 a.m. There was nothing on it, he is just really paranoid, and crazy. He fell off it once, and I laughed really hard. But I'll put some pics of Cow and Polo up for you guys.
Ever feel like your best friends can sometimes hurt you the most?
Sheesh, I need some gummy bears...
~A Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.
Well, it's me again. I went to Grandpa Koch's funeral today. It was a happy sort of sad. It wasn't happy like relief, but as if it were a happy moment. Knowing how much everyone loved this guy,(I only met him once)and how much they were going to miss him, was kind of comforting. The littler kid performed a dance to Carly Simon's "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Which was really cool. The song talked about a new beginning. They thought as it as a new beginning for this loved one. He was a believer, which is also another comfort, knowing that someday we'll all be able to see him again.
To be kind of ironic, my great great uncle Leon passed away while we were at gpa Koch's funeral. I was never that close to Uncle Leon and Jerry (Jerry was his wife, she passed less then a year ago.) My uncle had had a stroke about a month ago or so, and because of that he couldn't talk. somehow it ended in his death. The things I do remember of him, were that he was so nice, and just a goofy guy. He loved music. My brother and I always took our instruments to go play for him and Jerry, because they adored it. They both played piano, very well. I hadn't seen my uncle in about 2 months because he was at the nursing home, but God's got another believer in heaven right now.
Fyi- It's snowed today, and I about fell off my bed when I woke up because I was scrambling to see it. I LOVE snow!!!
Another thing, I have a prayer request for all of you. My childhood best friend/my brothers girlfriend now, has something called dock8. There is a lot more I could say, but for right now, just pray for her and her sister Kelsey's healing if you want to know more, you can check out there blog at
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking cows.

My Chucks <3

Hi...again. I spend alot of my day drawing on some Chucks. Here they are :) I really like them. Hope you do too. I'll post again tomorrow.
Thats it,
~Believer in purple rain, and talking cows.

So Much- The Basics.

There is way to much that I want to blog about right now. So we'll start with the basics. Hi, I'm Ali. I'm not exactly old, but not to young either-I'm 14. But, on the other hand, I'll be 15 in a month and 20 days. I have a caterpillar. His name is Taglamin, which means winter in Filipino. He gets his name because my mom found him frozen on our porch one morning, and we brought him in because it was the middle of the winter. He "un-thawed" and is still living. She found him on the 5Th of December, and he still has not made a cocoon. Which everyone says is bad. But, ya know what? He's just a bit confused. I can't blame him, remembering to make a cocoons gotta be hard. So anyways, he's living in a jar, and eating lettuce for now. I'll attach a picture sometime soon. I also have a dogie, who's name is Pepper. He's a hott dog! He's a black toy poodle, and hes 8 years old. I love my puppy. I also have a very, very crazy cat. His name is Napoleon, but we call him Polo for short. He's 6 years old, I believe, and hes a Siamese I'll write about Pepper and Polo later, but for now, just know my cat is really crazy.
Another subject, I love music. A lot. I got 12 new Cd's for Christmas. People know I love music. I also got a piccolo, but that's just my classical side. Because I also play flute. But I love guitar, and I have one, and I play it. But, I need to do better. I take lessons, and I love it.
My blogs name is trying to find faith, purple rain, and talking cows. Let me explain. Sometimes, I have no faith. I forget I serve a God that's bigger then everything, all of my problems, all of the worlds problems. But I get so knocked down, my faith is forgotten. I'm learning we need people to help us through life. Some of my friends don't care, but some do. I try to keep those who do close to me. So, the purple rain and talking cows? I love rain, and cows. But whats more, I figure if I shoot for the moon on trying to find something almost impossible, then I'll learn more the closer I get.
Ta Ta For Now,
~Believer in purple rain, and talking cows.