Baldys back home :)

My brother is back home! yay :) not gonna lie, I missed him. He's now bald, along with some other guys, and he looks like he could be alot older then he is. He's the one thats wearing the CHI shirt in the pic :)

I forgot how much I disliked school. When you get two weeks off I guess your opinion can change a bit, but now I just find it...hmmm boring isn't really the right word. I guess I feel like I wish it would just go faster, but there's me for you. I like to get stuff done fast, unless it's fun.

I watched a Hillsong t.v. show thingy tonight. It was really really good. It reminds me just how much I want to be there. I want to be there, whether in the crowd, or up on stage showing people how amazing our God we serve can be when you let him. I'm in awe of there way of leading others into an unique, intimate worship time with God...I want to be there, doing that.

On the not all serious moment IVE LOST 5 1/2 POUNDS!!!!!! :) Oh yeah.... booyah.

I found some gummy bears, and I'm so proud of myself, I think I will eat some tonight.

~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.


  1. oh my gosh girlie, I'm so proud of you! :)))))) I can't wait to see you the day after tomorrow :D

  2. awww shucks :) thanks :D I'll se you...2MARO!!!!!! score.