I'm DONE! (for now)

My Science Fair rough draft is done! Thank you Jesus!!!! My whole 19 pages of it. I'm so happy it's my last year. My project was testing to see if you could find traces of cocaine on money, and I did. 60% of the ten bills I tested came back positive for marijuana, and cocaine. Which was totally awesome!! But, I'm not a science person of any sort. But as of now, I do have a b+ going in that class, so yay for me :) I got to eat my gummy bears last night, I LOVED them. (Thanks Corey!) but, no worries1 I didn't eat the whole bag! ha. Well, I've finally got church tomorrow. I really really really need it. I dislike no having church immensely, but yay for having it :D I'll write more later but for now, have a goodnight!
~Believer in Purple Rain, and Talking Cows

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