So Much- The Basics.

There is way to much that I want to blog about right now. So we'll start with the basics. Hi, I'm Ali. I'm not exactly old, but not to young either-I'm 14. But, on the other hand, I'll be 15 in a month and 20 days. I have a caterpillar. His name is Taglamin, which means winter in Filipino. He gets his name because my mom found him frozen on our porch one morning, and we brought him in because it was the middle of the winter. He "un-thawed" and is still living. She found him on the 5Th of December, and he still has not made a cocoon. Which everyone says is bad. But, ya know what? He's just a bit confused. I can't blame him, remembering to make a cocoons gotta be hard. So anyways, he's living in a jar, and eating lettuce for now. I'll attach a picture sometime soon. I also have a dogie, who's name is Pepper. He's a hott dog! He's a black toy poodle, and hes 8 years old. I love my puppy. I also have a very, very crazy cat. His name is Napoleon, but we call him Polo for short. He's 6 years old, I believe, and hes a Siamese I'll write about Pepper and Polo later, but for now, just know my cat is really crazy.
Another subject, I love music. A lot. I got 12 new Cd's for Christmas. People know I love music. I also got a piccolo, but that's just my classical side. Because I also play flute. But I love guitar, and I have one, and I play it. But, I need to do better. I take lessons, and I love it.
My blogs name is trying to find faith, purple rain, and talking cows. Let me explain. Sometimes, I have no faith. I forget I serve a God that's bigger then everything, all of my problems, all of the worlds problems. But I get so knocked down, my faith is forgotten. I'm learning we need people to help us through life. Some of my friends don't care, but some do. I try to keep those who do close to me. So, the purple rain and talking cows? I love rain, and cows. But whats more, I figure if I shoot for the moon on trying to find something almost impossible, then I'll learn more the closer I get.
Ta Ta For Now,
~Believer in purple rain, and talking cows.

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