i thought it would be a good time to blog

This might be a kind of funny thing to think about. But, maybe it's just me attempting to see the humor is something that is ridiculously scary. Some sirens are going off. So I'm in the basement with my Mom, dog, (whose very freaked out right now. He likes security.) and cat (whose is stalking my dog and waiting to attack). My goofy boy is out on the porch. Not to sure why yet.
So here's a bit of what we've got going on.
Scary, isn't it? 
Your guys' lovely prayers would be most encouraging as we take on this voyage. Thanks! Let me know how you guys are all doing with all of these storms! Thinking of you all.

the picture blog post

 I thought I would share exactly what I have been so busy with in pictures. Good idea, right? 

I really love this picture. Which is kind of weird, I guess, because after all it is me. Though, I do think that it's rather poetic and simplistic.
So that is me, on my new Mac that I adore.  I got it for my birthday this year. When my Dad brought it in I about started crying. It was a rather funny thing. 

Oh, photo books. 

This is my Mom's present from Mom's day/her birthday. It took my quite a while to gather all the photos and arrange them like I wanted, but this gift came out really well. I have yet to order it and actually get the book here, but I will be doing that soon. 

These are fabulous. 
These shoes are GREAT. Converse knows how to make some great flip flops. Now, don't judge, I know they look a little strange, but I really really love them. They're super comfy and fun. I enjoy watching people stare at me as I walk down the halls. 

I'm addicted. 

This game and I have become close friends. I've spent way to much time just messing around with it. It's such a silly thing, I think, to be spending that much time on one game. So I'm about to delete it, or at least limit myself with my play time. Responsible, right? 

That pretty much it other then church and school. Hope you guys are doing well! Stay safe from all those tornadoes! 
Love, PRTC

wishing flower

The little girl stood in the dancing field. Laughing and running with arms stretched out, she felt the wind lace through her fingers. She abruptly stopped in the middle of her routine circle. A wonderful wish was waiting for her. She folded her legs beneath her and sat on the padded grass. Her eyes were wide with wonder. She picked the wish and held it up in the wind where all of the feather-like pedals whimsically floated away. She giggled and went off in search for another one, but she didn't have to go far. Again, she picked the wish, but this time she blew on it and watched as the soft white pedals blew away. She wished in that moment for nothing else but life to never end.

The teenagers sat on a blanket covering the grass underneath them. They smiled as they shared the picnic with the world. The girl remembered this sacred field and what it ment to her. She wanted to bring him here to share in the bliss feeling of the field. She looked over to him and saw the frown on his face. They chatted. He told her that it was over, this relationship. He was sorry, but he couldn't help her anymore. She cried as he walked to his truck and drove away, leaving her surrounded in a field full of wishes. Wishes that she needed, but didn't believe in. Nothing could be more ugly, and remind her of the betrayal that happened in this moment.

The girl fresh out of college tucked her hands in the back pockets of her short jean skirt as she drove her car up to the wishing field. A warm breeze welcomed her and she walked to the edge. As she overlooked all of the beautiful flowers that met so much to her, she saw the wonderful, innocent little girl. She ran in circles, giggling non-stop. She saw the little one stretch out her hands to feel the wind interweave with her small hand. College girl pulled her shirt down to try to cover her tummy. She wanted to remember and forget. She wanted to run the the little girl and tell her not to ever lose her wishes. She wanted to tell her to keep running, keep wondering, never give yourself up, always keep wishing.

Hope you enjoyed the story! Sorry I've been gone for so long!