the picture blog post

 I thought I would share exactly what I have been so busy with in pictures. Good idea, right? 

I really love this picture. Which is kind of weird, I guess, because after all it is me. Though, I do think that it's rather poetic and simplistic.
So that is me, on my new Mac that I adore.  I got it for my birthday this year. When my Dad brought it in I about started crying. It was a rather funny thing. 

Oh, photo books. 

This is my Mom's present from Mom's day/her birthday. It took my quite a while to gather all the photos and arrange them like I wanted, but this gift came out really well. I have yet to order it and actually get the book here, but I will be doing that soon. 

These are fabulous. 
These shoes are GREAT. Converse knows how to make some great flip flops. Now, don't judge, I know they look a little strange, but I really really love them. They're super comfy and fun. I enjoy watching people stare at me as I walk down the halls. 

I'm addicted. 

This game and I have become close friends. I've spent way to much time just messing around with it. It's such a silly thing, I think, to be spending that much time on one game. So I'm about to delete it, or at least limit myself with my play time. Responsible, right? 

That pretty much it other then church and school. Hope you guys are doing well! Stay safe from all those tornadoes! 
Love, PRTC


  1. your font made me read tornadoes as tomatoes :P oh silliness.

    fact: you have blogged TWICE this week! I'm proud of you, friend. :)