Christan School Kids.

My goodness, Christan school kids can be brutal, very brutal. It's sad to be able to say that. But hey, I am a Christan school kid so I do believe I have a right to it. I'm not saying everyone is, just some are. I'm not gonna lie, it ticks me off. Aren't we supposed to be showing the love of Christ?? We sure aren't going to do that by acting like we are now. I know everyone can just joke around sometimes, but has anyone ever realized that sometimes it goes way. to. far. I know it could be worse in a public school, but honestly. I really do think that sometimes it's just as bad in a Christian school as it is in a public school. We seem to not like to be able to accept people. we have to form them into how we want them to be, or they are just an outcast. So in conclusion, if you have a fear or rejection-don't come to my school. But on the upside, I love alot of the teachers in my school, they're super nice! Shout out to Mr.Frick here, you're my favorite :D And you have some people who are really serious about following God, and doing all that they can to help other people get close to Him. Then their are the hypocrites, who one second they're so nice and accepting-they say the love God. But sometimes that just gets turned around, depending on the circumstances. But as I said, keep you're friends who are Christan's really close to you, because they're the ones who will always be leading you closer to God.
I want some gummy bears...
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

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