I''m at school :P

SO, I’m actually in school right now believe it or not. But, I was bored and had a few minutes in my 4th hour geog class, so I thought that I would write. I went to bed realllly late last night, it was around 12:15 or so, before I actually fell asleep. Not cool. But tbell was lots of fun J I’m sitting here watching all the snow and thinking about how much I really really really want to go play in it. Where Katie when I need her? Ha. I want to gummy bears right now, mostly because I’m in school, in a skirt, watching abeautiful white fluff, people call snow, came gracefully falling from the sky. Beautiful isn’t it? I wish I had some sort of hill in my back yard where I could go sled down it for hours, which reminds me- I’m really hoping that we will have a snow day tomorrow! I need a day off to practice everything, and get my brain straight. (and eat some gummy bears, or skittles, I like those too) I really just want to open this window right in front of me to feel the snow; and just I don’t know, maybe run down a floor, and go dance in the snow or something. It sounds like lots of fun, but I know I won’t be able to do that. I might blog again tonight, because I like blogging, and writing. Oh! Which reminds me, check out this song I wrote a few weeks ago…

Romeo meet Juliet.
She doesn’t have a lot to say,
But ever since you looked her way,
Her smile says 1,000 words.
Her blue eyes shine brighter then
The ocean on a cloudless day.
She found a way into your heart,
And now you know,
Shes gonna stay.

I really hope you like it, I don’t normally tell amyone about my songs. So, if you hate it, just don’t say anything. But I like it J
Bells about ready to ring,
~Believer in Purple Rain (or snow) and Talking Cows.


  1. So, I wish I was there with you... or you here with me.

    Awwwwwww I LOVE the song :))) It's pretty much amazing :D

  2. lol, it works both ways :) and me2.

    Thanks :D glad you like it :)