More Randomness...

I just read my friends Katie's blog, she had a really good post tonight, not sure if I can top it or not ;) So for starters, Katie gave me a cow lost night, I LOVED it. I named it cat, because they had a cat that was named cow, that they had named for me. If you don't get that, just keep reading it over and over again, you'll get it eventually.
ok, I can't wait anymore to tell you this, I GET TO SPEND THE NIGHT AT TAYLOR U! I am totally FREAKING OUT! I can not, can not, can not wait!!!!! I want to be there right now, soooooo badly! so thank you to my awesomeness youth leaders who are letting us spend the night there, but be prepared...we get a lil hyper ;)
Last nights sermon at 180 was super duper good. Had a pretty fun night. I had some Starbucks, which might have been a little scary. Just maybe, maybe.
Might I say, I LOVE American Idol. I know, I'm crazy. but who knows, I night be there someday, maybe. I don't know...
Did I mention I really find that being left handed, is special. For some reason, the fact that I'm left handed is a really big deal to me. Don't know why, but I really like being left handed.
That's bout it for tonight, for now, my thoughts are with Hatti, for the most part.
~Believer in Purple Rain and Talking Cows.

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