Has it Really Been a Year?

Around this time marks a year for some major stuff that happened. Maybe I just like out of the norm things. I learned so much within this last year. It was a beautiful world of hurt that only pushed my closer to where I am now. Part of it, I regret deeply. Then again, I wonder if something different had happened, would I be here, right now telling you that I love where I am? Granted things were out of control (ha, when are they in control?) and hectic, but I've gotten through it. The feeling of being able to finally understand that our trials bring a unknown strength about us makes me wonder what other mountains I can take on. I'm undeceive about the pain that comes with the unknown, but when you get back up again you'll understand. You'll have the peace that passes all understanding. But don't wait to get back up, because you could easily miss something important. Believe in yourself, love who you are, and watch and wait for who you will become.
Love ya guys,
~Believer in PRTC
(BABIES!) ShaNe, Kt, Annnnnnnna :)

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