oh, titles, who reads them anyways?

I remember about a year, maybe two, ago that my pastor got up on the square, wooden stage. Figuring that it would be another good sermon that I would remember for a week or two, then forget, I didn't really pay attention.
Until he played a video.
This video to be exact. It messed with my head. It still messes with my head. Is Guitar Hero really that important? What is it that makes our private selfishness unleash itself? I just can't figure it out.
A few nights ago, the lead singer from Tenth Ave. North (I love their music) posted "I've decided that consumerism poses a far worse threat to the American church than witchcraft."
Is this true? That same day our pastor showed that video, he told us that the same amount of money that Americans as a whole spend on Christmas would be enough to take care of all of the water problems in the world.
That completely freaked me out. I'm blessed, more then I know it. But, have I really missed that I could be doing more? When I begin thinking about this, I want to start something bigger, that would help people. Then, I start thinking about how much work that would actually be, and how I'm still a teen...I don't want to be another number though, I want to help people.
This is most likely a lot of mumbo jumbo thrown together, but it's my thoughts in some way.
I'm getting up at 2:30am to go shopping (it's a tradition) but I promise not to fight over any guitar hero sets :)
~Believer in PRTC

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  1. oh, good idea on the not fighting. i dont think store fights ever turn out pretty =P