a secret to tell

Having a secret that you get to tell everyone is very fun. The sad part is if people are disappointed in the means, but for the most part, it's great. I've been spending these past few weeks silently dropping little things here and there letting my friends know first what is happening. Then I told some people in my small group (Bible study), then my youth group. But I still have yet to tell everyone at my school...

Wohoo! :) I'm super excited. Going from my "Christian" school to a public school sounds so exciting! Not to many people totally understand the main reason I want to change. I will do my best to explain, but if you don't get it, then I ask that you'll just pray for me as I leave my memories, and start new.
I want to love. That's pretty much it. I'm ready to help other people encounter a life changing love that will hold them. My youth group plays a big part in this. Every Wednesday we take a bus there to pick up students who want to come. Then we take them back afterwards. My youth group isn't something I'd call normal, we have a uniquiness that isn't found very many places. I'm not saying that to brag, at all. The thing is, I can almost gaurentee that once they are there they will eventully come back. I think that would help things be successful. I can't wait to start something big and new there. I know that the FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes) there is struggling right now, and I would like to try and help.
I know that these are big ambitions, but it's my heart. I know people will and can be mean, but God loves them, aren't I supposed to?
Prayers would be appreciated. I start the first week of January.
~Believer in PRTC
ps. Pray for a miracle... Kelsey


  1. oh-so-very exciting :) You're gonna love it!

  2. This is so epic Ali! Way to give all the glory to God! I will definitely be praying, good luck and God bless!


  3. exciting! you're a great person, Ali. that sounds very hard to do but if I had to pick anyone I thought that could succeed I'd pick you. Good luck. I'll be praying.

  4. Have you ever read the book, Do Hard Things, by the Harris brothers? It's awesome - right up your alley. All about teens shedding the stereotype of being a teen and doing things that really count in this worl. Don't worry that you are only a teen - you can teach us adults a thing or two :) :)

    Aunt Kelly