"I want to hold your hand..."

I'm listening the the many 219 tunes of the Beatles that my father brought home for my brother and I. I don't know if it's like this for many people, but I feel like a little girl again. I'm reminded of the times when I was in our old station wagon (which I loved) listening to the oldies radio station. I could sing almost every song that was played by the time I was 8. I still am very proud of this.
Then I hit 10. A new phase in the oldies. My Dad started quizzing us on who the artist were. Whether it was CCR, Rev. Al Green, Carly Simon, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The Doors, Earth Wind and Fire, The Who, The Monkees, or one of the many others, I was pretty good at it. I would sit in the back on the left side (I know it was that spot because those seats our the exact same now a days. I'm always on the left and Zach, my brother, is always on the right. Neither of us are allowed to ride shotgun because we used to fight about it. Now we have just done it ever since.) and listen to "You're so Vain", which was one of my favorites back then, on the way to school. The problem came when I would walk into my Christian school and begin singing it. I find it funny that I, as preschooler, was serenading my classmates to "You're so Vain".
My favorite was when I hit the age of twelve. We had a CD with the oldies on it. My favorite song you ask? "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees. I was in gymnastics at the time and we had a spacious house that (Thank you Jesus) had carpet. My friend and I would put it on as loud as whichever babysitter would allow, and do gymnastics routines to it. It was a blast.
All this to say, I have a Beatles shirt that I wear. Until people started asking me about them I had never really looked into anything other then their music. I always feel silly when people ask me about them and I don't know squat.
This is changing now though. I have been reseaching them and doing my homework. So thanks John, Paul, George, and Ringo for your brilliant music and my favorite t-shirt.
~Believer in PRTC


  1. woahhhh. I'm wearing that VERY SAME tshirt right this very second. I love it too :))

  2. nice post. I love oldies. my dad likes classic rock from the 80s, which I love, but I prefer motown and british invasion (go beatles! as I always say, they are not a legend. they are THE legend.) You're so vain is an awesome song. So is I'm A Believer. But my favorite classic, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey

  3. This is so cool Ali, I didn't know you loved the oldies! I love all these artists/songs! My love for the oldies is newer though, over the past year my ipod has been filled with classics. So cool!

    BTW, Merry Christmas Ali!


  4. NOWWWWWW you're talking about my guys...grew up with the Beatles...saw them on the Ed Sullivan show when they were first introduced to US!!...
    ....and I'm only 39 yrs old...and don't you forget it:)

    Blog is great Ali:)
    Nana "Bee"