oh Christmas memories

When I was younger...

Every time that we go a lot of fresh, new snow my brother and I would be going ballistic. We would wake my Dad up (Most of the time Mom worked the weekends when these shenanigans happened.) on a Saturday morning, and we would tell him that it had snowed. After he eventually woke up, we all would go and get those cheap, awesome plastic cups that you get for free when you eat off the kids menu at restaurants, and we'd hand them to Dad. Dad would then face the cold weather and go and fill out cups up with snow. He would set them on the table, and bring over the Tang. We would then proceed to pour the Tang over our snow and then eat it. It was marvelous orange snow.

We would never wake up early for Christmas when we were younger. One year my brother and I got woken up by my Mom and Dad around 8:30. We were not awake. My brother, without saying a word, went and got his pillow and blanket and brought it out to the couch and tried to back to sleep (as a 5 year old).  But eventually we opened our presents and all was good.

Every year we make our own tree ornaments.

Notice the expert paint job

These ones are cool.

Who said watermelons can't be Christmasy?

My brother's Christmas eel.

My Jellyfish

I made Santa :) 

My cat's homemade toy.
 What holiday traditions or memories do you have?
I'd love to hear!
~Believer in PRTC


  1. awesome! orange snow...so fun!
    we bake Christmas cookies every Christmas eve. Also that night, we watch It's A Wonderful Life. Every year, PB and I get an ornaments from Hallmark. And it's so not Christmas without Amy Grant Christmas carols.

  2. Well, my family doesn't really have any traditions, but I have TONS of memories! I remember one Christmas (I think I was 9) when I got a Barbie doll that I had wanted for a long, long time. It was Theresa (but the Barbie brand) and you could spray water on her hair to change it's color. I loved that doll SO much. She was my absolute favorite. I just remember how excited I was when I opened her up on Christmas morning. ^_^ That feeling has stayed with me forever. But my favorite part about Christmas (besides the fact that it's Jesus' birthday!) is not receiving, but giving. I love shopping for my friends and family, and seeing the smiles on their faces when they open their gifts. :)

    Oh, hey, I tagged you! http://thefaithfulelvenprincess.blogspot.com/2010/12/hey-there-old-chum.html
    You don't have to do it, but if you do, please let me know so I can come read yours! :)