Merry Christmas! My giveaway is starting! This happens to be my 101th post :) I'm starting the giveaway now, and it will end on Jan 1, 2011. Which is also the date that I started my blog, a year ago.

Since I know you guys all looked at the picture first, it's not as surprising by the time you've read this.
But I'm giving away a small "hot chocolate" notebook, a Papermate Expressions pen, and the Newsboys' new CD- Born Again. (Which I highly recommend, it's great. My mom has it.)
Here's how you can win:

1. Follow my blog. 1 entry
2. Blog about it yourself and leave the web address please! 1 entry
3. Tell me your favorite book you've ever read. 1 entry
4. You already follow me you say? Congrats, you get another entry just for that. 1 entry
5. Tell me the best and worst Christmas gift you've ever received. 1 entry.

Please leave whatever of these you do in a comment.

Thanks you guys! I'll have the winner posted as soon as I can after the giveaway ends. Then you can just comment your shipping address (which will only go to me, and will NOT get posted or given away.) when you win and I'll ship it out asap!
~Believer in PRTC


  1. My most favorite book would have to be Miss Match. I've read it at least 50 times. :)
    I follow you already! :)
    The best christmas gift - laptop. worst? - really ugly sweater.

    (LOVE your blog, btw. very awesome.)

  2. I follow you!
    Not only my favorite book, but the BEST book ever, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. sigh.

  3. 1. I follow you :) :)
    2. I am too old, too NOT tech savvy, and definitely TOO busy to have a blog of my own to put your address on :)
    3. My favorite book of all time is Tale of Two Cities.
    4. Yep, I already follow you :)
    5. Best present - My Donny and Marie doll set complete with stage, flashy clothing, and microphones that would fit in their hands (year - 1976). Donny even had purple socks!!!!! You'll have to ask your mom and dad about Donny and Marie :) I was 6 years old at the time, and I still vividly remember this :) Worst present - Some ugly purple corduroy pants that had an elastic waist band that my grandma gave me when I was 13 years old (very unfashionable).

    Aunt Kelly

  4. My favorite book is "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry." I read it to my fifth graders every year. And, of course, a close second is "Frindle." GPosey

  5. The best Christmas present I remember is a typewriter when I was in 6th grade. Do you know what a typewriter is? LOL The worst present was probably some kind of candy. GPosey

  6. 1. I follow your blog! :-)
    2. My favorite book- that's a tough one! There are so many absolutely wonderful books!!!! My favorite book that I read to you when you were very little was Green Eggs & Ham. Then when you were a little older it was The Kissing Hands. (that one affected our family lives for a long time. I loved the book Rascal and My Side of the Mountain. I still love Hinds Feet on High Places. Those books will forever remain a part of my cherished memories.
    3. Favorite Christmas present- this year my husband bought me a brand new 2011 synergy green 2SS Camaro!!!! Worst Christmas present- reindeer poop!