Oh Wisdom Teeth...

I figured I should enlighten you on the moments of my misery so that we may all enjoy and laugh.

On the way home from just having goten them out, my Dad stopped to get me a vanilla shake from McDonald's. I asked him to get me a spoon instead of a straw because I'm not supposed to have a straw. (Really, it was a miracle that even that came out of my mouth and made sense.) After I got the shake and the spoon, I pealed the plastic off it and stuck that spoon all the way down into my shake. Then I attempted to drink from it. I just couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work. Lesson learned, you can not drink from a spoon.

Before me trying to drink from my spoon, I wanted to take my cherry off the top and throw it out of the window. I scooped it off the top, and rolled down my window. To throw it out, you know how you normally just tilt it a little and fling it outside? Well...my body didn't work too well with the little bit of my brain that was working. I turned it upside down while still in the boundaries of my lap, the cherry ker-plunked onto my jean leg, and with what little fling I had, some of it got on the car mirror. My dad just laughed, really hard.

While we were in the car, still driving, Dad asked me if he could take a video of me. My reply?
"Dad, I know where we are." Said in a voice with excessive whining. My Dad reassured me that he wouldn't take any, and he didn't. But, no later then five minutes later I asked.
"Yes honey?"
"Where are we?" I can't even remember what he said. But I'm pretty sure he laughed.

Hope you guys had a good laugh at this!
Love you guys!
~Believer in PRTC

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