Tis my room.

Welcome to my room...
My bead curtains. They block no sun, and don't match anything in my room, but they're pretty.

This is my wall filled with notes, pictures, funny things, and things I miss and love. It's my favorite.

It's the pick that I got from Mike Donehey two years ago. It excites me every time I see it.

The poster that I very very sadly didn't get to have signed because we had to leave early.

Coolest poster ever. Sadly, these guys aren't together anymore. They guy in the red is on of my friends that I talk to often though.

My pumpkin defuse, it smells SO good, but I can't find it again until Thanksgiving.

This is the mess of my room. My guitars, music stand, posters, and note the stack of books to the right that I have yet to read.

My keyboard that I don't play very much anymore.

They're awesome. I got to meet them.

Karly and I.

My random wall. Love my red superman cape! One of my friends from my old school has the batman one.

This is me...standing.

At 2 am, my dog wasn't phased by all the picture taking.

This is my Bible. I feel like I underline everything that I read.

This is a great book! You need to get it!

Another book that I got for Christmas, Denise Hunter is an awesome writer.
That's my room!
~Believer in PRTC


  1. That is a super snazzy Bible. And I understand, I feel like I highlight everything I read! :D

    -Lauren :)

  2. fact: half of the things on that wall were written by me. also a fact: that makes me feel special every time I walk into your room.

  3. ... Great blog post Ali!
    - now go clean your room :)

  4. That book by relient K sounds interesting...:) Cute room. I love the wall of things, so smart! Beads...so old school, therefore so awesome. You were such a cute little kid!

  5. very adorable! :)
    i see we have same taste in music.. :D

  6. LOVE Tenth Avenue North!!! :)

    with love,