Strange Occurances

Oh the irony of the last few days I've had. Quite a few strange things have happened that seem to be catching up with me. I can't help but laugh while thinking about this.

On Wednesday, a friend, youth-leader, and I went to Fazolis* for supper before Bible study. This particular happening had to do with hair on this night. My youth leader has this shorter spiky hair, and I have some blue highlights/chunks of blue**in my do, as of now. Then my friend just has a longer "normal" hairstyle. We were there for a few moments, talking and joking. Then this group of guys chose to take the booth one away from us. One guy had spikes sticking straight up with black hair, the equivalent to my spiky hair youth leader's hair. The second dude has black hair with blue bangs, almost the same as my hair. Then, the third guy had normal hair, like my friend. Maybe it's only me who notices these things...


I fell down because of my own klutziness, twice. Once would be normal, but twice? I'm not so sure about that.

I threw bricks into an outhouse's toilet. Not the first day I've done it, but rather different then normal.

An old guy winked at me at IHOP. Luckily, I was with my mom and dad.

I saw a truck overflowing with tires. It went over a railroad tack and about lost a few. Not only was it "to the brim" with tires, it was also a maroon truck with yellow stripes.

My brother and I went to a fireworks store that was supposed to be open at 3. It was 3:08 and it was closer and locked.

I was pouring out some skittles from a bag today, and there were 7 yellows and 1 purple that came out. Weird.

I've read around 220 pages in two different books today. That's what summer is for, right?

No one texted me, all day. Except for my grandma...

Anything weird in your life right now?
~Believer in PRTC

*I'm in love with Italian anything. I've never been to Italy, but have a complete desire to go there someday.

** I get color highlights in my hair during the summer that was out after 3-4 weeks because my school does not allow me to have them during the school year. I'm a rebel =] (I'll post pics later)


  1. I love observing things, like the hair thing. It makes life interesting.

    Ah, I am Italian/Brit but I have an Italian last name that people always like to say with horrid Italian accents....

  2. I would totally notice that hair thing, I see stuff like that all the time, I think it's my inner writer. Italy, I don't really like the food, but I think ladies are pretty, the language unique, and thanks for ballet! I'm a boring american, actually I have Irish heritage, even an Irish name, which wasn't on purpose. I also think I'm German.

  3. This post made my day... it is so comforting to know that you also struggle with falling over your own feet:) Blue hair is awesome, I would definitely do that too, but I would probably choose purple or green. I LOVE italian food. Fazolis has almost perfected it. Yummo. We don't have one of those here...:(
    Yeah, LF does notice things like that...that's what makes us a good team, because I don't notice anything:) I tend to look more German I guess than Irish:) I am so overusing smiley faces. Okay, one more:) Again, awesome post, and remember to stay away from older men:) (I lied, that was the last smiley face)


  4. Julian- Interesting...though, I totally wish I had an accent.
    Lf- What dont you like about the food? but, at least you appriciate the other aspects of Italian culture :) I'm German too!
    PB- You win the long commet award :) Ha, yes, I sure do! Glad I'm not the only one out there who is challenged. I did purple last summer :) Didnt want to do green though because I'm a blonde... Me too! Fazolis is really good, but Olive Garden? mmmmmm. Good stuff. I look English, but also I am part German.Ha, the more smiley faces there better =] Thank you, I will try my best.

  5. I look...American? I don't know, I'm British and Irish and Native American, I don't know what else.

    Ali, I started freaking out because I thought that when I was reading about the Italian food I could smell it, and then I realized that of course I can smell it, it's the spaghetti sauce cooking for dinner! :)

    I'm missing you. Today we went shopping. It's this big outdoor place, kind of like a bazaar. It was something that I thought you would like, with all the colours and people and things going on. :) I MISS YOU! You should totally come to New York with my mom for my ten hour layover! Love you!

  6. Yes, Katie, I promise, you look american. are a blonde. Like me! :)

    Npw that sounds like fun! Have you ever been to Shipsawana (yes, it's an actul place) with us? If not, you totally need to come. Its exactly what you described. I MISS YOU TOO! but I did get to see you for about a minute today, unexpectedly. :) If your family drives, then they said that they it was a probably, but if only your mom flys out then I don't know what will happen. Love you as well friend!

  7. I don't like all the tomato sauces, it just grosses me out, PB and I look very different, she says she looks German, I think I look Irish.