To "My Man" (and others who relate.)

Dear the guy I will marry (eventually),
Please do not propose to me at a place where I can't set my elbows on the table. I do know places like that have good food and all, but really, I would much prefer a place with lots of bright colors and creativity. Oooooo, and please have Chinese food included somehow. Maybe coloring books too, or a trampoline while it's night time. Pictures are a must, and fun shall be included. I do love water, waves and pretty sunsets. Fuzzy or knee high socks, gummy bears, pajamas, guitars, movies, and singing, all make me smile from ear to ear. I hope these are helpful pointers for you. One more thing, I don't want the typical "fortune cookie engagement". Please, I know that if you and I are getting engaged, I'm sure that you will understand this by now. I have a quirky personality, but I'm sure that we'll laugh often about it.
Well, that's about it. I'm glad we talked about this. (Or I just talked about it.)
~Believer in PRTC
p.s. No worries, I'm no where close to this. I just kind of was laughing as I thought about it and decided to write it down, then post it.


  1. Aww that's cute, and so sweet!! :')

    ~Lauren :)

  2. Dearest ALIson,
    I want to let you know that the guy that will be your future husband will be an incredibly lucky guy! You are wonderful, my darling. But in order for you to marry him, I have to approve ;)haha...but seriously:)

  3. ...did we see someone getting engaged @ the Ruth's Chris's Bday party?

  4. Thanks Lauren!
    ShaNe! Oh for sure. Of course you will aprove ;) haha
    Dad- No. But Olivia and I were tlaking about it.