An update on, well everything.

Well, I'm here. Posting finally. I've been that kind of un-busy where you avoid your computer for a long time and do all sorts of other things. Which may include.

Painting a bookshelf. It's rather dandy. I'm painting all of the panels a different picture. The very top one right now it a pretty sun/tree sponge paint picture. The outer side has a parrot on it. Other then that the rest of the book shelf is still white.

Playing in the crazy amounts of snow and ice. I'm still not sure how much snow we ended up getting. (Not to mention it's a snow day for me and it's STILL snowing. It's rather pretty snow though. It's sparkling in the sunlight.) But I know that we got lots and lots of ice. Which then made it fun to go over to Katie and Anna's house and go sledding for a few hours. Thanks guys!

Having two extra brothers for a week. Our friends Alex and Collin came over while we had our enormous amount of snow days. Alex and I have been friends since I was pretty much born, and I know Collin from my old church/school. (By the way they're brothers if you didn't pick up on that). Alex and I had our share of fun by making Spaghetti and Waffles. Yes, together. If you guys have never read the book Guys are Waffles and Girls are Spaghetti by Chad Eastham I totally recommend it. Great book! I'll post pictures of the epic event in a later post because I haven't gotten them on my computer yet.

Kelsey passed away on Wednesday at 5:17. Thank you guys for all the prayers. She is finally healed now. It's what she wanted. Even if the cells took, it would have never healed her completely. But now, she is. I think shes happy to see God, even though it sometimes isn't easy without her. It's what she would have wanted. Keep praying for Karly though. She has to go through the same thing sometime. The memorial service is on Saturday. If you would like to go, it's open to anyone. Just let me know and I will give you more info. (Keep in mind that it is in Indiana.)

Giveaway from the Daybook! I would totally LOVE to win this. You should enter too! Go here.

Kazakhstan is coming! As some of you know, my brother and I are planning on taking a trip to go there this summer. There's a link on my sidebar (or will be soon) where if you would like you can donate. More importantly though, if you guys could pray for us in raising support, and getting to know our team better, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thats all for now!
~Believer in PRTC

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