It's been a while

I haven't blogged in to long. I do believe I am getting rather lazy. So an update-Live is pretty much the same with the friends, I do believe its getting a little bit better, but not to much. But with all friendships I think I'm going to run into this, the roller coaster of friendships. I started thinking about it the other day, and I realized that however this comes out, I've learned lots from it. I think God's still got a plan for all of this; I'll see it eventually.
So last Sunday was my birthday :) (the 21st) It was GREAT! my friend Katie got to come over the whole weekend! Which was AWESOME! We got to take lots of pictures! (I still have to get those to you, sorry) It was a great weekend. Remember that post a while ago about my brother? Well, he's even more amazing now. He got me a GUITAR for my birthday!! not just some little rip off electric, and spankin' brand new Les Paul. Not that he wasn't amazing before, it's just cool that he did that :) My guitars name is "Fishing Pole" but for short, Fish or Fishy. (long story)
Next Day: Monday. I had a pretty bad Monday, not going to lie. School just wasn't great and my friends and I really weren't getting along, and storms forgot to actually tell me happy bday on my bday. He got it the night before, and the morning after. Ha, oh well, I'll cut him some slack. But after I got home from school, one of the band members from Waketheday had just talked to me and simply said "Jesus loves you, I hope you had a good day : )" and then we started talking....for three and a half hours. Here's a little something to think about:
What is faith?
How do we believe?
What is hope?
How do we have faith?
What is grace?
Are mercy and grace the same thing?
How do we have assurance of our faith?
Yeah, I know, lots there. Here is a great verse that kinda helps. Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."
so that's about it. Needless to say, my Monday went better after that.
I've been journaling (in real life) for a year now, I feel cool.
~Believer in PRTC


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How old are you? Ah, Hebrews 11, my all time fave from the Bible. Any time I'm down I look it up.


  2. Thanks! :) Im 15 now. I love Hebrews, but I must say Psalms is my fav book of the Bible.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you are doing better!


  4. Ali, it has been three days since you last posted... why does it feel like WEEKS???? and PB & LF haven't posted anything in a while.... I have nothing to read. sad face :( oooo guess what! Matt's sermon is up, I listened to it tonight... he's and Liz are amazing. I can't imagine how hard that was for them! that's all.... I think. k love you bye! :D

  5. oops I forgot... check this out: LOVE her :)

  6. I am sorry, I've been sooooooo busy and really stressing. and I had another fight with Storm last night :( so I wasn't going to be depressing and blog last night. hahahha, I cant believe I just looked at this. I LOVE Matts serman, Im suprised you didnt blog about it. Love you too! :)

    Wow, so thats where shes been...Are you saying you love her because of the "E" word post? but yes, I do LOVE her :) We have to meet u with her soon she been wanting to for a while now.