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I haven't updated in forever, I am dearly sorry. I've been uber (I love that word haha) busy, and really stressing. Right now I have lots to memorize, lots to perfect, lots to think about, and lots to do. It's not going to let up for a while, but I will try harder to update.
God was seen through our church on Sunday. Our amazing Pastor, Matt Carter, shared part of his story. His sad, beautiful, story. I don't want you to hear my words, I want you to hear his. If you want to listen to it the link is: http://www.commonwaychurch.com/ Then go to sermons and click the one 2/28/10 That was the one from this last Sunday. If you don't want to that's ok too, I don't mind. But it was inspiring in a way I've never been inspired before. But that is all I will say.
My days seem to be getting shorter as the hours go by. I just keep trying to think, I can do this just a few more minutes of this class and then the next and next... I am having a hard time staying happy today. It was easy when I was with people from my church who came to visit me today, but now, as my brothers gone, I'm not doing so well.
I've been abandon in promises by Storm's girlfriend.
I've been hurt by Storms, in ways I never thought would happen before all this. I think it's worse to grow away from him, because he was the closest friend I've ever had. I don't think I'll ever be able to let anyone into my heart like that again.
Why can't I get over this?
Ok, so I don't want to be all depressing. I got an awesome new neon/hot pink guitar strap for my guitar my bro bought me! It's amazing with my midnight black guitar. I had lessons today, my teachers helping me put in improv with the different scales, into songs. If that made no sense, then forget it. Ha :) Just know, it's alot of fun for guitar players.
I'll survive :)
~Believer in PRTC

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