Modest is Hottest.

Here is a little poem thingy that I wrote, I hope you enjoy.

Modest is the hottest.
Certainly I'd never want to offend.
All I try to do is blend in.
But tell me, why do I look so different?

My turtle necks are all the way up to my chin,
That way if someone trys to kiss me,
I can tuck my lips in.
My skirts can never be above my ankles,
Not even a quarter of an inch above will it be!
To think, people wear them above their knees!
I will wear my hose, day after day
And if I feel like I want to be noticed,
I'll get some "nude" colored ones, or maybe gray
they shout, immodesty, so stay away!

So just to say,
I will not be immodest.
For modest is hottest.
At least for today ;)

By any means, I did not mean to offend anyone. If you find it that way, I will take it down. I was just pokin' fun at some stuff. But, if it makes you feel better I got to a school that is super strict on dress code, so some of this stuff is close to what I would have to wear.
Ta ta for now,
Believer in PRTC

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