I'm a Skipper :) well kinda...

Today was a good day.
I skipped school :)
Yes, I know you just read that twice...
But let me assure you, it was dad approved.

So anyways, I didn't really "skip" school, I got out of it because I had to talk to some leaders plus I'm doing really well in all my classes. My Dad signed me out and said I had, "Appointments". Half true, these were both meetings that were set up in advance. They both went really well, and gave me more things to think about. Hope everyone else had a good day too :) I'm meeting with a youth leader and another girl at Concannons tomorrow so then I will get some chocolate. :D yay. Oh and just an update, I've lost 15 lbs. How cool is that?!
Someone called me "analytical Ali." Funny day.
~Believer in PRTC