I'm Excited

I'm excited for a few reasons right now...

We're leaving soon to go see How To Train Your Dragon. Call me a little kid if you must, but I am thrilled. There's something about those types of movies that I love-like Aladdin. "I can show you the world..." Did I mention it has a MAGIC carpet? totally in awe of the fact that a carpet beat me in the race of trying to fly...

Tomorrow is the showing of "The Passion of the Christ" at church. I'm half-way scared to watch it (besides the fact that I'm going to ruin my reputation of not having cried while watching a movie before.) because I know it is rather in detail, but I want to have more understanding of what He had to go through. In my mind the results beat the reasons. (Plus, I could always leave the room if it gets to bad.)

On Friday, I'm going over to Katie's house for her birthday! I'm really excited about that!!! We will most likely will be watching for a rainbow all day on Saturday. I'll keep you posted on if we find one or not.

I'm eating Ice cream tonight. It's spring break- what can I say? I'm dieting but, I guess, I'll let this one slip. (And maybe Katie's birthday party too. There's going to be cake...)

A ladybug scared me about 30 minutes ago, and I about fell over when letting it outside-funny story. I'm still recovering, slowly.

I put up a new blog "look". It took me 3 hours to put that together because I couldn't find the right combination. Yes, you can call me picky. I think I like this one though.

I lost another pound! Yay for me :) And so now, I will go celebrate with a feast over ice cream tonight and cake and ice cream tomorrow at Katie's birthday. Ha.

Well that's about it, enjoy!
~Believer in PRTC


  1. I love the new look! And there is nothing wrong with wanting to see kids' movies, they rock. I mean Mulan? Like one of the greatest film masterpieces of our time.

  2. Thank you! Ha, can you believe I've never seen all of Mulan? craziness.

  3. You're watching it???? Without me????? :(

    and yes, I love the new look too. when did you take that pic?

  4. Yes, I watched it-but did not cry. Most likely because I was sitting by someone I knew aka Cathy W.

    Thanks :) Took it before I got my new camera I think summer sometime last year maybe? Not sure though.

  5. haha I meant HTTYD, but its ok.

    Alright, you and me (and maybe LF and PB&J is they're interested) should start a book blog called Once Upon a Time. wouldn't that be fun? :)

  6. I saw "How to Train Your Dragon" this weekend and I thought it was awesome. I figured it would be cute ... but I was on the edge of my seat for the whole thing. It was a billion times better than I realized it was going to be! And the dragon was adorable. Who knew a dragon could look tough and cuddly at the same time? :) (I'm not sure if I've said this before ... but the name of your blog is quite fantastic.) : ) Hope your Easter was wonderful!

  7. I was too! I thought the dragon was so cute! I felt bad for him when they chained him all up at the front of the boat :(
    Thank you!
    It was GREAT! Hope yours was as well!