Thought I'd share.

My brother was walking out of church today, and told me that he had seen this complete utterly funny story unfolding before his eyes...
There was a little boy and his grandmother standing together by the doorway, waiting for the rest of the family to return. The little boy had this sour spray candy, and kept trying to get his grandmother to try it.
"Come on Grandma! It's not that sour" this little boy was apparently convincing enough because the Grandma Finally gave in. He sprayed it in her mouth three or four times. The Grandma then proceeded to make one of the most funny 'lemon faces' you had ever seen.
"You told me it wasn't sour!" The Grandma complained and then slapped the boy who was laughing hysterically at the fact he had fooled his Grandma.

~Believer in PRTC


  1. hey don't buy Paperd.oll I'm gonna buy it with some birthday money... unless you want your own copy. And tell Zach that I'm pre-ordering Ted Dekker's newest book!