I can't wait!

I'm getting one! I absolutely can NOT wait!!! I've been begging my Dad to take me to the Apple store to get one for the past few days. (Seeing as they're only there as of right now.)  I'm trying my best to be patient, but they look oh. so. cool. The new iPod nano with multi-touch. Tehehehehehehehe, I love it.
Ta ta for now!
~Believer in PRTC


  1. no fair!:) I have a 3rd generation and it's slowly dying. I'm trying to hang on to this one until Christmas. You're so lucky. What color are you getting? Well, there's my chance of being the first person I know to have one.

  2. I have a 4th gen. But I totally ran out of room, which is silly. Plus the little "hook up thingy" at the bottem is bent becasue I droped it once when it was plugged in. But I hope to get a white one. But if not that, green or blue. I really like how simple the white is though. You will be the first person, that I know who has one. It totally counts! :)

  3. ummm, can I just say how jealous I am?

    we need to do another photoshoot soon :) It was fun. And you need to be in more pictures because you're so photogenic! this weekend was amazing :) ...thanks for having me. :)

  4. Ok so this is really random, but I just wanted to say thank you for the comment on my blog =) It means a lot. I try to be as open as I possibly can, but it is definitely a VERY hard thing for me to do. I think that's why writing comes to naturally to me. Like..when I write, I don't feel like I'm actually telling someone something..I feel like it's private, even if millions of people read it, ya know?
    I don't know...Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that. =l Oh well =) haha

    But yes; Thank you =)

  5. Ah, I love iPods!!!
    I really shouldn't, but I do.
    That's awesome! They looks sooo cool!
    I burn through iPods so quickly.