You are You

I love getting asked deep questions when I don't have to answer them out loud. I dislike being vulnerable and open. Something about the uneasiness of it scares me to the point of mistrust in a lot of people. I trust few around me. Sharing in a room full of people with their eyes burning through my skull attempting to pull out whatever secrets that linger in my brain doesn't sounds very appealing to me. Of course that's just me. That's who I am.
We all are somebody, our own somebody.
Love who you are, laugh at who you are. I pray you take your days with the utmost laughter and craziness in everything you do. Because who you are, all of the garbage, mess ups, hangups, talents, passions, and loves make you YOU. So why be someone else?
Just a little encouragement for you.
~Believer in PRTC

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  1. ALIson!! I love it!:)) This is definitely a good post, and a great reminder that everyone needs every once in a while.
    -ShaNe :))