Here's something that's fun-describing the room your in.
I'm sitting on a the farthest left side of the couch. Downstairs. Right next to my brother. My brother is next to Joseph. (Katie's brother) And Josh (another friend of ours) who is laying down is next to him. It's actually a rather funny picture. Joseph has a black and orange striped blanket on top of him, while Josh is wearing a towel (no worries, there's also a swimsuit) and laying with a pillow under his head on Joseph's knee. It's quite funny. Jessica is somewhere on the ground, not to sure where, I can't see her from where I am. As well as Anna is sitting on a mound of pillows next to me. We are down in the "man cave" watching Marley and Me. As I found out, a rather awkward movie to watch with three teenage guys. Right in front of me is a white square table almost directly symmetrical with the fireplace and the t.v. on top of that. The fireplace is beautiful. It's got a lot of stone placed randomly throughout the whole shindig. A dart board is to the right of it, hanging on the wall. Last night I totally whooped Joseph in a game. Minus the permanent hole in the wall. Zach's guitar is to the left of the fire place, and then all of the electronic things beside that. Then, the fuse ball table, that no one has played with...yet. I'm sure we'll fix that tonight.
I'm to lazy to try to describe anything more. Ha.
We got two new amazingly, awesome, spectacular jet skies!!! They go SO fast! I'm in love...
See ya,
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  1. U kno I actually saw this ..I'm not sure how u cld describe that scene...but it was quite fun-