Groundhog Cantaloupe

Almost exactly a year ago, I was chased by a groundhog while I was in the very back of our yard mowing. I completely freaked out. To this day I have always been a little jumpy around groundhogs. We seemed to have started out with one groundhog about a year or so ago. Then there were two. Now, we believe there are three. They all seem to share a certain trait. They are in love with cantaloupe. Rhine and all. They completely adore it.
We've tried and tried to catch them for a very long time. But today, today was a new day. We caught one of those big hairy suckers. One of the three has been bribed by cantaloupe, and has now relocated his home.

The big guy, or girl.

It had scary teeth

Ha, it looks like a pancake :)

"I'm watching you"

Dad getting it out of the truck.

Run groundhog run!

Be free :)

I hope this was a more happy post this time for those of you who said you about cried on my last post =]
 ~Believer in PRTC

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