I hate the feeling of leaving somewhere that you left a little piece of your heart.
Dearborn. Dearborn,Michigan.
I love those kids. Those girls at the mosque, they aren't going to heaven unless someone shares God's love. That little boy, that was also named Ali. His huge blue eyes and curly brown hair made him unique, maybe God's going to use him someday. The lady who's husband got let go, and hasn't had any work for 10 months, they have four children who are all beautiful. That sweet girl at the mosque who always had a smile on her face, until she was centered out and made fun of. Whats going to happen to her self-confidence when she gets older?
I'm devastated. They're so blinded by the Devil. But they just don't see it. They don't see that there is an opportunity for a relationship with God the Almighty.
Oh, but the power of Yahweh's name.
I pray He will do great things.
~Believer in PRTC


  1. Aww, Ali, you're making me get all teary-eyed. Stop that. I just put my makeup on.

    What a sweet post. I always hate it when people make fun of other people who are different. My heart really goes out to them. Why does everyone have to do that? If every human were the same, the world wouldn't be as fun and colorful! It would be dull and boring.

  2. So sorry Eldarwen, didn't aim to do that.

    Thank you. I agree completely, I just don't understand it. I enjoy everyone being different but I dislike it when people get made fun of :(