I was inspired (Yes, at 1:10 in the morning) by Katie's blog post about stories. How often have I realized that I have a story. My own story. My story that's part of God's story. That's just one of the things that I re-learned at camp.
It's not MY story.
It's HIS story.
His story is way bigger then mine. My story is just the tiniest part of God's story.

I have a brother that I've talked about before. He has a story. His story is inspiring, and he's my roll model that I've learned so much from. He's so happy, even though his life hasn't been easy. Granted, he's not perfect, who is? He loves God. He doesn't follow other people, but is a silent leader. I love him.

Then there's my Mom and Dad. Both of them have come from "bad" pasts. Not because of things they've done, but because of things done to them or things that there families have done. No, they haven't forgotten but they have moved on. My Mom loves God, and so does my Dad. Even though life hasn't been easy, they both inspire me because they've overcome their past.

Then there is me. What is my story? story. The fact that I have a story makes me think, and think hard.

Whenever I think story, I think of some kind of battle that has been won. A problem that gets fixed. Some one's past revealed, but still finds forgiveness in spite of the bad deeds that they did. There is all one thing in common with all of those ideas. Something bad happened until a thing was done that made things revolve into something better.
That's what all of my family's stories have done. They're all honoring God with them as well. So what am I doing?
What is my story?
~Believer in PRTC

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