A Night at the B's House

While at the B's house you will experience lots of things. But these are just three of my favorite things. (sang in a Sound of Music tone.)

One of my favorite(est) kittens, Lucie. Also known as Little Lu, and Chubbylumkins. But only I call her those names. Actually, shes the only one of a litter of four kittens that survived. But the only other one, besides Lucie, that I got to see was Azland. (Both named by me.) Azland was only seen for a day and a half. Sadly, the poor little guy-or girl, they were too young to tell-most likely died. Their momma, Poly, who is a stray, didn't have enough milk for them. Being the creative mom she was, she stashed both of the kittens on the roof, in the drop off to the gutter. I was actually the one who found Little Lu. She was still left on the roof when we had Azland. Poor little girl is about four months old and this small. But she is adorable. Her favorite thing to eat is pop corn, go figure.



Then, seeing as the B's haven't lived in the USA for their whole life, there is always LOTS of different types of food to try. This last time I got to try poffertjes. Yes, you may be confused. It took me about 10 minutes just to find the way to spell them. These things are like pancakes, but sweeter, smaller, and Dutch. The first picture is after flipping them over, and the second is after we drowned them in powdered sugar. They were oh, so. good. I would go live in Holland just for these things.


Oh so yummy.

(Sorry for these last photo's quality, they were taken with my phone.)

~Photo by Katie.
(Sorry Katie, I "stole" your photo.)
And last, but certainly not least. You find friendship. These three are pretty much family. Joseph (obviously the boy.) and I joke all the time, and without him, my blond moments would be a lot less embarrassing, but never would be as funny. Then there is Anna. Who I can beat in Slap Jack, and Cow Racing. We seem to always have our best moments when we are slap happy together around two or so in the morning. Then there is Katie, and all of you guys know her. She my best bud, my partner in evil shenanigans, my fellow photographer, and my bestest friend.They all love each other, even though Joseph won't admit it all the time. I love you all.
Thank you B's.
~Believer in PRTC

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  1. I love you too!!!

    and just for the record, I named Aslan :)