Broken Surrender

My hands flew up in the air in a broken surrender. My day had been terrible, crushing, painful. The only relief I knew was the pouring down rain that washed away my tears. I twirled in circles as the drops fell one after another hitting my arms and head giving me a thrill of delight. I was surrounded by a forest on my left and right, a house in front of my, and a field filled with tasseled corn to my back. I fell to the ground and laid there in the wet grass letting the wetness soak into my hoodie and jeans. The stinging coldness of fall rain mixed with my warm tears. I closed my eyes listening to the pounding of the rain in sync with my loud heart beat. Life isn’t the same anymore. Just a month ago, everything was fine. At least it seemed that way. Now? Now life felt like a constant deepening pain that clung to my heart. Taking my life away, with one little slit of the wrist. At first, it was something new, just an attempt to feel something different. Then things started get out of hand. My world as I knew it came crashing in over my head and enveloping me into a sickening darkness…
Hope you liked it!
Believer in PRTC