I've recently been searching through my computer and finding bunches of stuff that I've written over the years. Just wanted to post a few of them :)

Ideas are actions

Knife is to wrist.
Pill is to mouth.
Gun is to head.
It’s too late.

Sometimes you can feel the wind.

You hold up your hand and let the cool rush lace through your fingers.
Standing at the highest point you can find.
You feel as if you’re going crazy.
That’s what everyone tells you.
You have no reason not to do this.
The wind changes directions.
You have to act quickly if you want to try.
Then you hear something.
It’s almost as if the rush whispers to you, but only loud enough that you can hear.
The one little word causes shivers to envelop your body.
You raise your hands up, close your eyes, and jump.
Freedom awaits...

I saw your eyes and I couldn’t believe,

What I saw were two bight blue oceans.
But when I came closer it wasn’t water at all.
They were filled with a beautiful soul.
The soul was playful but lonely.
I came inside it.
And it took me in its arms,
As it led me to the middle of the ocean.
I met a girl.
She said she was prisoner of her soul.
So I took her out of the ocean,
And put her into my heart.
We both rested in the universe.
Only to live in peace and love.

Ta ta for now,
~Believer in PRTC


  1. These are all really really incredible. Especially the first and the last... but wow. I really love them. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love the first one!!! You didn't show that one to me, and I love the last one too. And the second one, but mostly the first and the last. Great job girl!