I've Been Tagged...

I have been tagged!
Rules: answer the questions and pass it on to four others.
4 Things found in my bag:

My bag?? Um...I don't do bags until school. How about pockets? You will find.
1. Money
2. iPod and Headphones
3. Cell Phone
4. A Eiffel Tower key chain.

4 Things found in my purse:

1. My wallet.
2. iPod and Headphones.
3. Cow pen & eraser
4. My phone.

4 Favorite things in my room:

1. All of my quotes/song lyrics/stories that are hanging up on my walls.
2. My guitars
3. My keyboard with my flute on it.
4. Sheet music, guitar tabs, and songs I've written.

4 Things I’m currently into:
1. Waiting for Katie to be home!
2. Taking pictures :)
3. Writing music
4. Smelling my new book bag and drinking black gold (:coffee:).

4 Things I bet you didn't know about me:
1. I go to a christian, private school.
2. I love bright or neon colors.
3. I hate olives. (and yes, I was made to try one.)
4. I'm going to a concert on Saturday that will have TobyMac, Amy Grant, Kutless, Fireflight, Sidewalk Prophets, and Josh Wilson!!! I am way PUMPED!

I tag: A Hopeful Romantic, Jullian, Tyler, and Emily.
~Believer in PRTC


  1. save some black gold for me! :) I knew ALL those things about you...which ones are the neon ones?

  2. Oh trust me...there's enough. We got 5 lbs of the yumminess. Haha Oh KAtie....and your blondeness.

  3. Thanks for tagging me!
    I'll definitely do it, but I'll put it under my tags page instead of an average post.

    Mmmm I could use some black gold right now.