A Sad Poem Until Monday

Tonight is most likely the last time you will hear from me until Monday. I'm leaving for World Pulse tomorrow. (Yes!) Then on Sunday, drum roll please, I get to see my long lost friend Katie!!!  I am so pumped! 82 days is such a long time when a best friend leaves for the whole summer and goes to the Middle East. Craziness. I leave you with a sad poem I wrote in my absence...

A flower blooms,
A beautiful girl stands.
A boy comes,
And takes her by the hand.
Soon before love becomes,
She finds a temptation she can’t withstand.
A petal falls.
She doesn’t understand.
This can’t be all.
This didn’t go like she planned.
A girl falls.
A petal is lost as she gives a piece away.
Her heart isn’t the same, to this day.

Talk to you guys on Monday, have a great weekend!
~Believer in PRTC


  1. Dear Ali,

    Thank you for sharing that poem! A flower is such a beautiful, delicate image of our hearts :) And I am so glad you are praying for the Muslims as well!


  2. This is so so beautiful. Ali, you have a gift.
    Great analogy, because it's so true.

    If you go to http://girls-4-god.blogspot.com I wrote a guest article on purity. But this is so much more eloquent.

  3. Jullian- Thank you so much! You just made my day :) I LOVE the post you did. The part about crushes is so true! Great job =]

    Thanks PB!